The POWER programme

The Dutch are recognized for their excellence in hydraulic engineering and knowledge of sustainable energy. A synergy between eight leading Dutch companies in these fields has been established in the POWER group: Partners Offering a Water Energy Revolution.

The POWER group will show its strength in a 3-year program, constituted around a detailed feasibility study on the development of Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) in China. DTP is an innovative way to use the natural tides for generating massive amounts of sustainable energy. A dam-like structure of at least 30 km in length with a large series of turbines is built perpendicular to the shore in a shallow sea basin. Such dam changes the long-wave dynamics of the tide in such a way that a head difference is created over the dam. This head is much more than the kinetic energy height, because of the acceleration forces which are inherent to tides. Although the head remains relatively small (1-3 m), the discharge (m3/s) is enormous, leading to high installed power rates (order of GW). A paper on the principles of DTP can be found here.  A DTP dam can be combined with various other functions, such as protection against waves and tsunamis, deep sea ports, aquaculture facilities, (controlled) land reclamation and connections between islands and the mainland. As costs barriers, these additional functions help to lower the price per kWh to competitive levels.

The POWER program started in January 2012 and aims to create strong partnerships between the various Dutch disciplines, but also between Dutch and Chinese parties.

Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) in China POWER